Investment Management

Preparing for life events, both expected and unexpected, requires resources. You work hard and save your pennies, but how do you invest what you have saved to make it work as hard as you do?

At First Ohio Planning, our discipline focuses on balancing risk and reward when selecting investments. Whether the amount of your investable assets is small or large, we begin by identifying an appropriate asset allocation through our conversations with you about your goals, objectives, willingness to accept risk and time horizon. In addition, we use a short, but effective, questionnaire to assist in evaluating the appropriate level of risk for your portfolio. With this information, we construct investment strategies designed to generate returns consistent with your tolerance for risk and your goals and objectives.

It is widely accepted among investment professionals that the allocation among asset classes is more important in determining return than market timing and individual stock or mutual fund selection. Stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents generally react differently to changes in the financial markets and to broader economic conditions. While diversification is not a guarantee against loss, the strategy may offset losses in one asset class with gains in others. In addition, monthly portfolio monitoring allows us to take advantage of the market’s movements through our rebalancing process.

First Ohio Planning’s investing discipline has been developed and refined over the years. Our Investment Committee meets bi-weekly to discuss, evaluate, challenge and review the investments in our clients’ portfolios. We exhibit faith in our process by building our personal portfolios from the same investments we recommend to our clients.

A member of the Investment Committee is always available to discuss your concerns, expectations, review your reports or just catch up on your current thinking. We value our client relationships and understand they are built on trust. We are ever mindful of that trust as we manage your assets.


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